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We are beginning to have a clear vision for when the pandemic will begin to subside. As we pick ourselves up and survey the recruiting landscape, we see a number of key adjustments in recruiting and hiring new talent, reflecting some fundamental shifts from pre-Covid times.

First of all, despite discussion about layoffs and scaling back, we are now experiencing a Candidates’ Market. A candidate-driven market is a one in which there is an abundance of job openings and a scarcity of qualified candidates to fill those openings. What has driven that and how do you need to adjust to hire successfully?

  • Many companies that furloughed or downsized are bringing back many of their original employees. Candidates are more inclined to choose a “safe” re-entry and stick with a known entity rather than risk being “last in first out,” in case there is another downturn.

  • Companies, that showed great leadership by treating employees with trust and compassion, earned a high level of loyalty from their staff. This talent is harder to “pluck” or encourage to leave their current employers for other opportunities. Both opportunity AND compensation increases are the tools that will pry them loose.

  • Many of the downsized roles were in Talent acquisition, so hiring now is more difficult with the reduced recruiting staff, leaving hiring managers to fend for themselves.

  • In some industries, business didn’t necessarily slow, but companies took a conservative hiring stance due to the pandemic. They are now experiencing a backlog of work and are trying to manage pent-up demand.

  • Candidates who are putting themselves on the market are getting offers, in many cases multiple offers quickly, and compensation levels are simultaneously being driven up.

  • This new normal puts businesses on alert to move quickly when they find strong talent. Increased competition means you have to be decisive, quick and be ready to increase your compensation expectations.


MICA retained search uses a project-based methodology that addresses all of the necessary adjustments in the new normal. Our rigorous approach provides structure, speed, accuracy and predictable milestones for success and sets us apart from mainstream recruiters. Trying to do it yourself will only prolong your ability to onboard the top talent on your timeline.


MICA is a national recruiting agency that is 100% focused on finding top marketing talent for growing businesses.

We are known for helping companies grow their marketing teams with uniquely-qualified marketing, communications, digital engagement, and creative service professionals.

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