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Marketing Practice

MICA is a national recruiting agency that is 100% focused on finding top marketing talent for growing companies.

We are known for helping companies grow their marketing teams with uniquely-qualified marketing, communications, digital

engagement, and creative services professionals.


Our Approach

With MICA, you have a competitive advantage.

We’re experts in marketing. And we’re experts in recruiting.


This dual expertise is what drives our proven success in continuously sourcing outstanding candidates for our clients as they grow their marketing teams. Our approach always starts with active listening, to ensure that we thoroughly understand our clients’ hiring goals, challenges, budgets, and timelines. It is this understanding that then fuels our search strategy, and enables the team at MICA to consistently engage those elusive top-performing candidates.


Collaboration is key. Our clients’ success is our goal.



MICA’s team will work closely with your hiring teams and talent aquisition to understand your business’s current situation, to pinpoint your hiring objectives, and
to meet your hiring timelines.

Extensive Candidate Network

With MICA’s vetted candidate network and our uber-targeted multi-source search approach,
we will quickly bring
uniquely-qualified candidates to your table.


Retention Rates

MICA’s candidates consistently lead to stronger hires because we ensure that each candidate’s expertise aligns with the role, and that their persona aligns with your company culture.


Our Services

As the talent acquisition lead at your organization, you are continuously balancing business priorities, budgets, and timelines to meet your hiring needs. We get it. And we can help.


With MICA, you have a talent acquisition partner that is ready to take on your recruiting initiatives.


Retainer Search

MICA’s exclusive retainer search approach is consultative and solution oriented.  Our clients hire us typically for executive-level and mid-level searches, as well as hard-to-find talent, where an exceptional skillset is needed.  We focus on finding the best possible candidates to drive your organization’s growth and achieve your goals.


Using Project Management methodology, MICA scopes each search and creates a clearly defined profile, plan and timeline with distinct milestones.  Following this methodology, we can quickly bring you the best possible range of uniquely-talented prospects who are engaged and interested.  We can also course correct with ease and flexibility, when necessary. Throughout the process, we continuously leverage our broad industry knowledge and deep leadership candidate networks. Our proactive process and focus on candidate quality, combined with cultural fit consistently leads to strong leadership hires and high retention rates.

Our Hybrid

Container Search

MICA’s container search approach is a modified version of our retainer search services, and answers both your sense of urgency and your need for non-exclusivity. As you prioritize your hiring needs, our container search option makes sense when your key searches are taking too long, but you are required to work with multiple search firms. With our container approach, MICA ensures the commitment of an expert team and resources that are dedicated exclusively to finding candidates with your desired expertise and cultural fit.


Talent Pipelining

This is proactive, relationship-centric recruiting. Beyond your current open roles, you are also likely preparing for future opportunities within your organization. The key advantages of MICA’s talent pipelining approach are reduced time-to-hire, reduced cost-per-hire, and better quality candidates.
As your recruiting partner, MICA will build a pipeline of vetted, engaged, and interested talent that you can leverage
as soon as new roles open up.


External Talent Mapping

MICA’s approach to external talent mapping presents a cost-efficient method to proactively build a broad pool of prospective candidates based on your specified attributes and skillset parameters. Because these candidates have not yet been contacted and vetted, the quicker turnaround time for MICA to deliver an initial candidate pool makes this a viable solution to align with your organization’s near- and long-term
talent acquisition plan.


Our Clients

MICA’s client partners range from Fortune 500s and startups to
higher education and marketing & creative services agencies.

Case Studies