Freelance Temporary Placement

We have extensive contacts with all levels of Marketing, Interactive, Creative and Advertising professionals seeking freelance assignments.

Like all MICA Consulting placement services, we treat freelance placements with the same rigorous steps to achieve successful placement, however we also understand the urgency and importance of keeping the work moving forward.  

  • We listen to your needs and fully understand the job

  • We help you articulate the job specifications, duties, and requirements if needed. We know these jobs from the inside and can counsel you about job structure, the skills needed to do the job and the best fit for your company.
  • We source from our extensive talent pool and screen to be sure we have the best person to match the job and company requirements.
  • We help recruit and land the right person and get them started when you need them.
We do all of this quickly and efficiently because when you need temporary help, we understand that time is of the essence.