Contingent Search

Recruiting Marketing, Interactive, Creative and Advertising managers and individual contributors is MICA Consulting Group's specialty. Such jobs can be difficult to define, but through extensive and proactive consultation with you, we will determine the right combination of skills, talents and personality that will fit within your team and organization. With our consulting expertise and recruiting savvy, we start from the beginning by listening carefully to your needs and goals. We then collaborate with you to articulate the job requirements in order to find the candidate best positioned for current and future success. 

As Marketing, Interactive, Creative and/or Advertising professionals ourselves, we bring insights to both the details of the job duties and nuances of corporate cultures. That knowledge and insight accelerates the process and leads to the recruitment of people with the right skills and mindset to flourish in your organization. We work hard and function as a visible and integral part of your recruiting team.

We find that our hands-on approach leads to the most productive and effective placements.

  • We listen to your needs and fully understand the job specifications
  • We help you articulate the job specifications, duties, and requirements if needed. We know these jobs from the inside and can counsel you about job structure, the skills needed to do the job and the best fit for your company.
  • We source from our extensive talent pool and screen to be sure we have the best person to match the job and company requirements.
  • We help recruit and land the right person and get them started when you need them.
We do all of this quickly and efficiently because when you need temporary help, we understand that time is of the essence.