29 May 2012
What's In It For Me?
Understanding the Recruitment Process
Each person you interview with has a different WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). As you prepare, take into consideration the role of the person interviewing you and what the impact of the role is to them. That perspective is critical to understand.... Continue reading What's In It For Me?

Posted by crystina brooks at 11:18 AM in Consulting | Link
23 May 2012
Distract Yourself

A recent government study of car accidents put cameras in cars to see what happens right before an accident. They found that in 80% of crashes the driver was distracted during the three seconds preceding the incident. In other words, the driver lost focus — maybe they wrote a text, glanced at a tweet, changed the radio station, liked a facebook update, snacked on cereal, or fiddled with their Bluetooth.  Regardless of which trivial task the driver was distracted by, they ultimately lost focus and crashed.   

... Continue reading Distract Yourself

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18 May 2012
Think Innovation when Talent Recruiting!
In the world today – where everything is connected through social media; technology and marketing tactics are changing so quickly that hiring managers cannot possibly know what new technology is going to disrupt their marketing plans and strategies in the not too distant future.... Continue reading Think Innovation when Talent Recruiting!

Posted by crystina brooks at 10:40 AM in Creative | Link
11 May 2012

Social media - we all have different reasons for using it. Some want to stay connected to loved ones and friends; others use it as a vehicle for promotion - self, B2C or B2B; it’s even used to connect with strangers, offer advice, rant, rave - anything, really. But there is also a group of individuals who don't like social media, whether it's because they don't understand the depth of its capabilities, think it's too invasive or think it's just a plain 'ole waste of their time. I happen to fall into the latter group - social media is a huge time sucker.

... Continue reading 24/7/365

Posted by katie collins at 10:18 AM in Interactive Marketing | Link
02 May 2012
I Want To Be a Consultant!
Look Before You Leap
In the last ten years I’ve met nearly 1000 Independent Consultants (IC’s). There’s a trend I’m seeing as I continue to speak with such a large volume of IC’s – people are choosing consulting as a career path. It’s not just the 65 year old who isn’t ready to retire; it’s everyone from recent grads who want to build a creative book quickly to the 30 and 40 year olds who see it as a viable career path to the 50+ that sees an opportunity to leverage the amazing experience and network they have built to really enjoy the work they take on.... Continue reading I Want To Be a Consultant!

Posted by matthew gill at 12:44 PM in Advertising Interactive Marketing Creative Consulting | Link
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