About MICA Consulting Group

Recruiting Consultants connecting people in Marketing, Interactive, Creative and Advertising

MICA Consulting Group identifies and understands the needs, ideas, goals

and personalities of clients and candidates within our forever-growing national network. Our industry knowledge and experience allow us to take a consultative approach to ensure that the correct people are in place. 

The MICA team has hands-on Marketing, Interactive, Creative and/or Advertising expertise plus extensive consulting and recruiting experience. With both broad and deep understanding of the skills and backgrounds needed in these careers, we can assess and counsel clients and candidates about what is needed for success at all levels.

Our style is straightforward and candid. We understand creativity, the mindset of the creative workforce and what it takes to be successful since we have all worked in such careers ourselves. Combined with our work ethic, we leverage that knowledge to produce results. We get jobs filled quickly, effectively, and with the right people. And, if you need guidance as to how a Marketing, Interactive, Creative and Advertising position should be structured or what credentials will lead to successful performance, our consulting will guide you to find the right solution for your needs.

Meet the team:

Matt Gill, Managing Partner

Katie Collins, Senior Account Manager

Kacey Muldoon, Chief Financial Officer